Product Description

TMS58 – TOMSIC MAX PEOPLE is designed to reduce the risk of contagion through the regulation of accesses and attendance inside the location in full of safety and without the need of a security officer.

TMS58 is an automated occupancy control system (i.e. people limiter and people count). It provides an automatic people advance with a simple traffic light system with STOP and GO INDICATOR. Click here to find all examples of use.


– The system guarantees reliable and efficient control of accesses.
– It is automatic. It no needs a security officer.
– It is very simple. The operator can set all the parameters in a few clicks.
The laser barrier can be set at different height. So useful for disable accesses.
– Installation is not required.

Technical features:

– System with battery (duration 18 hours).
– Battery charger (115-230 Vac) included.
– Maximum distance between two sensors 50mt.
– Anti-theft hook.


More Info

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