Product Description

With high accuracy the TMS46-QM system is capable to measure the regularity of the sliver and roving material. It is installed directly on the production machines with on-line measurement and should be installed on existing and new machines. Thanks to easy and fast plug in sensor the TMS46-QM can be adapted for wide range of counts.

There are 3 version of the TMS46-QM:

  • TMS46-QM-C for card machines producing long fibers (wool, silk, jute, acrylic…)
  • TMS46-QM-F for finisher machines producing long fibers (wool, silk, jute, acrylic…)
  • TMS46-QM-R for roving machines producing short and long fibers (cotton, polyester…; wool, silk, jute, acrylic…)


  • New generation capacitance


  • Count variation A%
  • CV%
  • CVL
  • Thick and Thin


  • Long time graph recording on HMI Win10 (touch screen)
  • Warning and stop limits
  • Automatic calibration procedure
  • Independent monitoring activation for A%, CV, Thick and Thin


More Info

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