Productivity increase through the implementation of advanced manufacturing technologies

        Project cost: € 151.200,00 Granted contribution: € 60.480,00 Description: TOMSIC company continues to invest in the latest design techniques and engineering technology to offer spinners the best testing equipment. Therefore Tomsic is now pleased to announce the last Tomsic investment: the printed circuit board assembly line machine and the design software […]

easy Evenness Tester Option: AutoCount

The quality control throughout the whole spinning process is of fundamental importance. Knowing the fiber variability, during every step of the manufacturing process, reduces greatly the end product variability, improves the product quality and reduces the production cost. Tomsic Engineers, therefore, continue to develop high-quality testing equipment to provide spinners the total quality control in […]

News in the long fiber process: NEW TOMSIC GILL BOX AUTOLEVELLER!

The new generation of Tomsic Gill Box autolevellers is equipped with 100% digital autolevelling system. The new system allows greater precision and excellent results in terms of the quality of the output sliver on your Gill Box. The new Gill Box autoleveller guarantees lower service costs, because it replaces many mechanical parts. Only the T&G […]

New electronic system for monitoring the quality of the roving and sliver produced in the spinning mills

        Project cost: € 74.797,00                                                                                               […]


TOMSIC HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTS DEVELOPED WITH 60 YEARS EXPERIENCE IN TEXTILE SECTOR… TOMSIC, the family owned company, is working in the textile sector since 1956. At the beginning, Mr Carlo Tomsic, the founder of the Tomsic company, established a business relationship with VOUK TEXTILE MACHINERY, one of the largest manufacturer of textile machinery in the […]

“TecnicaMente”: From the classroom to the company

Tomsic Srl participated in the event “TecnicaMente”, organized by the Adecco (the world’s leading provider of workforce solutions). The event was held on 12 May 2017 at the IPSIA Ceconi Institute in Udine. Mr. Paolo Bratti, who represented our company at the event, introduced the professional and career opportunities in our company to Ceconi students. […]