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TOMSIC launched the new TMS60 Nep and Trash Tester at ITMA 2023.
The new TOMSIC Nep and Trash Tester is 100% made in Italy and is used to test and analyze the nep, trash and more of the sliver or raw material.
Our new laboratory equipment has developed with the same features that characterize all our laboratory solutions i.e. application of the most advanced technology, simplicity of operation, flexibility, zero maintenance cost, and attractive price.
Contact our sales office to get more information about our new Nep and Trash Tester, the faster and more precise in the World!

News in the long fiber process: NEW TOMSIC GILL BOX AUTOLEVELLER!

The new generation of Tomsic Gill Box autolevellers is equipped with 100% digital autolevelling system. The new system allows greater precision and excellent results in terms of the quality of the output sliver on your Gill Box.
The new Gill Box autoleveller guarantees lower service costs, because it replaces many mechanical parts. Only the T&G scanning rollers are reused. Furthermore together with 100% digital scanning sensor and electronic draft are included a sophisticated output sliver monitoring and production data.



• Quality improvement with the digital high – precision autolevelling system.
• Digital calibration of the DLS sensor (Dual Laser Sensor) with one-touch adjustment procedure, without special tools and technicians (patented function).
• Constant correction length and independent from main speed.
• Autolevelling range up to +/- 30%.
• Electronic draft, 100% digital, directly set from keyboard.
• Output sliver quality monitoring: built in all TMS25-QM2 functions (only where it is physically possible to install).
• Spare parts and service saving.


• Automatic and manual d-T&G calibration.
• Automatic and manual quality monitoring calibration.
• Automatic count calibration.
• Production and efficiency data.
• Security key for data modification.


TMS25-Link connection for long data storage and analysis including Normal and Inert test.


CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO: TMS25-R2D Drawframe autoleveller for long fibres



Productivity increase through the implementation of advanced manufacturing technologies





Project cost: € 151.200,00

Granted contribution: € 60.480,00

Description: TOMSIC company continues to invest in the latest design techniques and engineering technology to offer spinners the best testing equipment.
Therefore Tomsic is now pleased to announce the last Tomsic investment: the printed circuit board assembly line machine and the design software for printed circuits.
This essential purchase allows the company, to produce high-quality printed circuits internally. This means complete control of the production process, the highest quality of the Tomsic products, and faster delivery time.


easy Evenness Tester Option: AutoCount


The quality control throughout the whole spinning process is of fundamental importance. Knowing the fiber variability, during every step of the manufacturing process, reduces greatly the end product variability, improves the product quality and reduces the production cost. Tomsic Engineers, therefore, continue to develop high-quality testing equipment to provide spinners the total quality control in the spinning process.

TOMSIC is now pleased to introduce the AutoCount, very useful equipment used to test the count of the yarn directly in the Tomsic Evenness tester easy.

The AutoCount measures the weight of the tested yarn and provides the count variation  (Average, CV%, Q95%, Min and Max values). All the AutoCount data are displayed in the same graphs of the evenness tester job. In practice, the AutoCount data complete the easy Evenness Tester reports with the weight and counts variation. The spinners have so the regularity data, the weight and count variation data of every test in only one report.

The Tomsic AutoCount module is directly connected with the easy Evenness tester software, the most operator-friendly software,  installed on a normal PC with Windows 10 platform. Before running the test the operator can set the length of the tested yarn in the AutoCount. The evenness tester job begins with the test of the yarn regularity. During the evenness test,  the same yarn is automatically pushed by the air pressure on the balance for the count test.

AutoCount provides an auto-cleaning process at the beginning and end of each test by air pressure.

Click here to view the evenness tester REPORT with AutoCount data

New electronic system for monitoring the quality of the roving and sliver produced in the spinning mills





Project cost: € 74.797,00                                                                                                      Granted contribution: € 33.545,43

Description: Development of an electronic system for monitoring the quality in the spinning process. This device allows on–line monitoring of the quality of the products in the first stages of spinning process.

Object: Currently the quality of the product is usually checked by making tests in laboratory at the end of the process, when the product has been finished. There is not any device available for quality evaluating during these stages of the spinning process.

The goal of this project is to develop a system covering this gap.

Results: Earlier detecting of defects brings indisputable benefits, such as:

  • fast detection of defects and removing of the causes;
  • increased certainty of the results of the whole process. The yarn manufacturers will be able to offer a better quality and service to their customers;
  • increase of production capacity coming from the reduction of intervention and maintenance of production facilities;
  • reduction of waste;
  • reduction of raw material stock (less backup stock).



TOMSIC, the family owned company, is working in the textile sector since 1956. At the beginning, Mr Carlo Tomsic, the founder of the Tomsic company, established a business relationship with VOUK TEXTILE MACHINERY, one of the largest manufacturer of textile machinery in the world. In 1992 the management of the company business passed into the hands of the second generation of Tomsic family. The Tomsic brothers stopped their business relationship with VOUK and started the actual company. They have continued to develop innovative products, to control and improve the quality of sliver, and important equipment for textile laboratories for the analysis of sliver, yarn and roving of cotton or synthetic fiber. The Tomsic Engineers have designed, created and tested all the Tomsic products in full respect of safety and environmental norms and impact, inside the Tomsic factory based in Gorizia (Italy). Thanks to its strong business philisophy the Tomsic products are already well know to major world markets.


“TecnicaMente”: From the classroom to the company

Tomsic Srl participated in the event “TecnicaMente”, organized by the Adecco (the world’s leading provider of workforce solutions). The event was held on 12 May 2017 at the IPSIA Ceconi Institute in Udine.
Mr. Paolo Bratti, who represented our company at the event, introduced the professional and career opportunities in our company to Ceconi students. In addition, as a member of the jury, he had the important task to identify the project that best interprets the concepts of technological complexity, applicability to the industrial and production world and innovation.

What is the project “TecnicaMente”?

This is a project involving all Italian technical schools. The main goal of “TecnicaMente” is facilitate the meeting between students and companies. Students have the opportunity to develop their projects and present them to companies in the area. All projects are then evaluated by a jury composed of business leaders who reward the best project.


The 2017 Tomsic Symposium was organized from Tomsic local agent ATAG on 15 February 2017 in Cairo, Egypt. The meeting  was dedicated to the presentation of the Tomsic company to the Egyptian Holding of the government-owned textile companies.

At the beginning, Mr Tomsic Ladi, vice – president of TOMSIC,  introduced the development of the company and the expansion of the Tomsic products in the international markets in the last 50 years. Furthermore the participants were updated on the features and excellent results achieved by the Tomsic laboratory equipment (EASY Evenness tester, TensoTester3- Automatic Strength tester, Count Analyser etc. ) and Tomsic spinning solutions (Card and Drawframe Autolevellers).

Thank you for your visit at INLEGMASH 2017 – RUSSIA!

We would like to thank you all for taking your time to visit us at INLEGMASH 2017 in Moscow – Russia. It was a pleasure to meet you personally. Please feel free to contact us at, if you have further questions or in case you want more information about our products.


New Tomsic Count Analyser: Errors avoid system!

Tomsic presented at ITMA 2015 the innovative Count Analyser. The new TOMSIC laboratory equipment, designed for the measurement of yarn, roving and sliver count, is the most user friendly in the market! All stored data can be connected inside an internal LAN network and exported also via other programs (for example: Excel). Furthermore the Count Analyser software permits to associate a count test with the job of EASY (Tomsic Evenness Tester) and TensoTester3 (Tomsic Automatic Strength Tester).
Only the Tomsic Count Analyser is the really time save technology!

For more information click here.

Count Analyser – Data Retrieve

Count Analyser – Testing