Product Description

Laboratory equipment designed for the measurement of yarn, roving and sliver count.

Software specifications

  • Main software: Multilanguage and most user friendly in the market! The PC desktop is NOT locked and is freely accessible!
  • Software technology: Microsoft .NET for long support and ready for all future operative systems.
  • Report Printing: Multilanguage and JOB based. Possible to select a simultaneous printing in two different languages.
  • Data storage: At least 20 years data storage on open SQL database for Count Analyser and free retrieve of the stored data also via other software (for example: Excel).
  • PC-Client (data retrieve): Lan/remote access software to access database for: print out reports, trend analysis, …
  • Measuring Units: Possible to change measuring units like Nec, Nel, New, Nm, tex, Ktex, gr/yd, Denier…
  • Software Graphs: Avg., CV% graphs also during the test.
  • Software Data View: Min., Avg., Max, CV% Q95% data. Possible to visualize up to 3 measuring units at the same time.
  • Link-Job Technology: Count Analyser software permits to associate a count test with EASY and TensoTester3 job. (With LAN connection between PC). Very simple and useful, errors avoid system. Time save technology.


More Info

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