Product Description

TFT – Tomsic Fiber Tester
Measuring the important fiber properties like Length & Strength with automated sampling, Micronaire, Maturity, Moisture, Color & Trash. Calibration in both ICC & HVI mode by USDA or any other international calibration cotton. Parallel as well as simultaneous operations ensures faster testing. Flexible report options like date wise, lot wise, cotton type wise as well as consolidated reports.

TFT – Sampler Module
To prepare uniform cotton beards for testing the Length & Strength in Tomsic Fiber Tester. Automated fiber comb sampling with better sampling repeatability avoids operator influence. Intelligent pressure mechanism (Pressure depends on the linear density of the sample) for accurate beard collection irrespective of sample size. Self cleaning of tested comb sample. Fast sampling minimum 200 Combs /hour.

TFT – Trash Module
Advanced trash separation in 10 / 50 grams by buoyancy separation technique by the use of air currents. Trash measurement in terms of mass and in percentage. Precise and rapid measurement with single specimen feed. Automatic trash weighment for high mass measurement accuracy.


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