Product Description

Full automatic strength tester for yarns. Based on Constant Rate of Elongation (C.R.E.) measure method. Speed up to 5000 mm/min. Test length up to 500 mm. Load cell: 3, 6, 10, 15, 20, 25, 50, 100 kg (also 500 kg available combined with the special clamps for LEA tests). Autochanger with 24 positions. On-board turbo blower system.

Graphical and numerical results perfectly matching world standard. Worldwide approved and used by the biggest textile players.

Worldwide recognized as the most simple and user friendly machine/software! Simply and fast load cell change.

Recognized as the best in the market. Available data of last 25 years. Free connection to servers and mainframes. Free export to any Windows application like Excel, Word, …

Software and Hardware longevity
Based on Microsoft .Net technology for total compatibility with future Windows at zero after-sell-service cost!
The electronic and mechanical parts are 100% made by Tomsic. Each component and innovation is designed, planned, created and tested inside Tomsic factory thanks to the experience of tens of years of after sales service of laboratory equipments and spinning machines around the world.

Measured parameters
All well-known parameters.


Can I compare the results with your main competitor?

Yes of course! The results are guaranteed numerically and graphically! Whoever tested our machine has realized that there are no doubts on this point!

Which are benefits, comparing to your main competitor?

Simplicity, database, free maintenance, software and hardware longevity, price.

Is the laboratory atmosphere conditions a must?

Yes! An ISO-139 laboratory is always a must to get results compatible!


More Info

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