Product Description

easyF is the TOMSIC evenness tester, 100% made in Italy, used to test and analyze the quality of filament yarn.
Thanks to application of the most advanced technology, simplicity of operation, flexibility, zero maintenance cost and an attractive price… easyF is the best alternative!

easyF Evenness Tester Features

  • Sensor: Capacitive sensor
  • Range of material: range of 40 to 700 dTex
  • Material speed: 25, 50, 100, 200 and 400 m/min
  • Pneumatic twisting: 0,5 bar to 2,5 bar

easyF Numerical Data

  • CV% (coeficient of variaton) and U% (mean deviation) of mass variation
  • Max% and Min% (maximum and minimum cross-sectional deviation from AVE)
  • CV(L)% with 4 reference lengths

easyF Graphic Data

  • Diagram of mass variations
  • Diagram of mass variations in half-inert mode
  • Spectrogram

easyF Statistics

  • Mean
  • Range (R)
  • Standard deviations (s)
  • 95% confidence limits (Q95)

easyF Options

  • Autochanger (Automatic yarn charger  with 24 sample capability)
  • Table
  • Creel (CREEL with 24 sample capability)

More Info

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