Product Description

A unique customized feature for the world-wide textile industries merges with the balance with an accuracy 0,0001 g / 0,1 mg, with the most sensitive, advanced and reliable weighing technology of magnetic force compensated weighing cell gives you the required accuracy for the unit you need.
Length setting, in meter (m) or yard (yd)
– 1 m, 2 m, 10 m, 55 m, 100 m, 110 m, 500 m
– 1 yd, 3 yd, 5 yd, 7 yd, 10 yd, 12 yd, 15 yd, 30 yd, 50 yd, 60 yd, 100 yd, 120 yd, 840 yd
Units calculation included
– TEX (—) : Weight of the thread in tex (g / 1km)
– DEN (Denier): Weight of the thread in den (g / 9km)
– NM (yarn fineness metric number, running length of thread per g yarn weight): Weight of the thread in Nm (m / g)
– NC (yarn fineness cotton number): Weight of the thread in Nec (840yd / lb)


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