EXINTEX – Mexico

Tomsic Srl exhibits at EXINTEX.

EXINTEX will take place from 26 to 29 October 2021 at “Centro Expositor Puebla” in Puebla – Mexico.

Visit us at Stand n. 1506 – 1510!



With more than 30 years of experience, Exintex has been consolidated as one of the most important trade fairs of the textile

area in Mexico and one of the most important fairs in Latin America.

For more information, please visit: www.exintex.com

Productivity increase through the implementation of advanced manufacturing technologies





Project cost: € 151.200,00

Granted contribution: € 60.480,00

Description: TOMSIC company continues to invest in the latest design techniques and engineering technology to offer spinners the best testing equipment.
Therefore Tomsic is now pleased to announce the last Tomsic investment: the printed circuit board assembly line machine and the design software for printed circuits.
This essential purchase allows the company, to produce high-quality printed circuits internally. This means complete control of the production process, the highest quality of the Tomsic products, and faster delivery time.


easy Evenness Tester Option: AutoCount


The quality control throughout the whole spinning process is of fundamental importance. Knowing the fiber variability, during every step of the manufacturing process, reduces greatly the end product variability, improves the product quality and reduces the production cost. Tomsic Engineers, therefore, continue to develop high-quality testing equipment to provide spinners the total quality control in the spinning process.

TOMSIC is now pleased to introduce the AutoCount, very useful equipment used to test the count of the yarn directly in the Tomsic Evenness tester easy.

The AutoCount measures the weight of the tested yarn and provides the count variation  (Average, CV%, Q95%, Min and Max values). All the AutoCount data are displayed in the same graphs of the evenness tester job. In practice, the AutoCount data complete the easy Evenness Tester reports with the weight and counts variation. The spinners have so the regularity data, the weight and count variation data of every test in only one report.

The Tomsic AutoCount module is directly connected with the easy Evenness tester software, the most operator-friendly software,  installed on a normal PC with Windows 10 platform. Before running the test the operator can set the length of the tested yarn in the AutoCount. The evenness tester job begins with the test of the yarn regularity. During the evenness test,  the same yarn is automatically pushed by the air pressure on the balance for the count test.

AutoCount provides an auto-cleaning process at the beginning and end of each test by air pressure.

Click here to view the evenness tester REPORT with AutoCount data