Product Description

The TMS25-QM2, developed by TOMSIC, is a unique device, capable of an accurate monitoring of sliver produced by a card, drawframe and comber.


Life-time guarantee on the measuring sensor!

Measured Parameters

  • Count varation A%, A%-S
  • CV% and CV at different cut lengths
  • Thick places (TP) *


  • Warning and stop limits
  • Automatic calibration procedure
  • Independent monitoring activation for A%, CV and TP
  • Electronically encrypted security key for data modification
  • TMS25-Link connection for long data storage and analysis including Normal and Inert test
  • Production monitoring on board
*Thick Places Monitoring

The THICK PLACES monitoring is a well proved function and technology and is actually used by many major spinning mills. This function provides all necessary settings for an accurate detection of thick places such as:

  • Detection Percentage
  • n.TP within n. of KM/Yd
  • TP length definition

It is a perfect solution for CARD! THICK PLACES monitoring will give you a great advantage by stopping the machine when card starts to produce them. Can you imagine how many cans without thick places can you save!


My actual monitoring trumpet has often breakage! Do you have a solution?

Yes of course! This monitoring system has been specifically designed as a life-time system! For this reason we give life-time guarantee on the measuring sensor! Don’t spend money on spare parts, use TMS25-QM2: it is cheaper than your actual trumpet and no more replacements is needed!

Is the measuring trumpet accurate?

Absolutely! And you will be surprised to see that is even more accurate than many other monitoring systems on the market!

On which type of machines did you installed it?

Wherever there is a sliver: card, drawframe and comber. Doesn’t matter the model, speed or temperature!

Is it working with different materials?

Yes, we are proud to say that we commonly use it with: cotton, regenerated cotton, wool, synthetics, mixtures and also with silk and technological materials (metal,…).


More Info

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