Product Description

TOMSIC offers a full range of autolevellers with unbeatable results, easy operation, very low maintenance cost and extremely long life expectancy! Large and increasing amount of drawframes, are nowadays equipped with TOMSIC autoleveller! The product is design for drawframe fabricants and for old drawframe upgrades! The product includes mechanical kit of d-T&G, Touch Screen with Chinese language, PLC!


New autolevelling concept with d-T&G (patented) system with excellent quality results. Together with 100% digital electronic draft are included a sophisticated output sliver monitoring and production data.

The strong construction sensor (measuring trumpet) can be considered indestructible. The d-T&G scanning rollers are built with a special material for resist to any type of fiber.


  • d-T&G, 100% digital, with one-touch adjustment procedure of DLS sensor, without special tools and technicians (patented function).
  • Constant correction length, independent from main speed.
  • Autolevelling range up to +/-30%.
  • Electronic draft directly set from keyboard.
  • Output sliver quality monitoring.
  • Spare parts saving.



Why should I upgrade my machine with your autoleveller?

There are many reasons:

– spare parts are too expensive or does not exist any more

– the maintenance and mechanical adjustments are too expensive

– the after sell service is too expensive or not active

– there is no electronic draft on your actual machine

– there is no inverter on your main motor

– output quality monitoring: A%, CV%, CV1m, CV3m, Thick Places

– simplicity in usage

– excellent results

Where is the difference between your and other autolevellers?

Our technology is primary well accepted for its simplicity and excellent results. Once you have tried it, you will not come back! One example for all: to adjust the d-T&G sensor you need only 3 seconds (PATENTED), while on any other T&G system you will need several minutes or hours.

Are the results better than my actual autoleveller?

Our autoleveller produce top quality results and is comparable with world top class autolevellers installed on actual best drawframes. However, the final results depends also on the mechanical status of your machine.

On which type of drawframes can I install?

On VOUK models VS4, SH2, SH802 and mostly on all RSB and SB drawframes! Please send us some pictures of your machine and we will check if it’s possible or not!


More Info

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